400 Reasons to Fight

June 2012 was a moment in history that will yield insignificant in the coming years.  Yet, it caught our attention as 400ppm of carbon dioxide was recorded in the Arctic for the first time in human history. This was a reminder of the gravity of the climate crisis for folks at MN350 sparking 400 Reasons to Fight, a project collecting images, sounds and stories of why we are fighting for climate justice.

What is your reason to fight?

400 Reasons to Fight from MN350 on Vimeo.

Here is how you share your story:

  1. Go to cowbird.com and sign up for free (Join as a nomad).
  2. Share a “story”. Or better yet, a reason as to why you fight. And assign the tag “400reasons”
That’s it!
Now these can be as simple as a few words, or a few paragraphs, a picture, a sound byte, the idea is just to capture the essence of what you love. Click here to check out what folks have submitted so far.

If you have questions, email 400reasons@MN350.org and we will help you out.

Thanks for sharing what you love — why you fight!