Barter to Cash Fundraising Coordinator

Patricia Lamas

Originally from Port Townsend, Washington, Patricia is a 2012 graduate of St. Olaf College with a self-designed major, Social Marketing and the Environment. Interested in both design and psychology, she is focused on answering questions of public perception and motivation surrounding the environmental movement. While at St. Olaf, she worked with the Residence Life department to bring sustainability education into the residence halls through peer-to-peer programming. She joined the MN350 team in the fall of 2012, and is currently coordinating a project to develop a resource generation system that is locally sourced and community driven.


Patricia is coordinating the development of a new community-based resource generation mechanism that will harness diverse capacities within our community to fuel the work of MN350 while growing the local economy. Through an online networking platform, supporters of MN350 will have the opportunity to donate nearly any type of skill, service, or item, from canning to babysitting to unwanted furniture. Does MN350 need babysitters? Not necessarily, but someone else might! Items may be “purchased” from the network, either at a listed price, or for volunteer hours or barter items needed by MN350. How can you get involved in this project? Start rummaging through your garage, start counting your talents, and start talking to friends!