Barter-to-Cash Network

Welcome to the MN350 Barter-to-Cash Network! Through this innovative system, MN350 is able to leverage the diverse talents, resources and abilities of the community to support the work of the climate movement. MN350′s Barter-to-Cash Network is a system that invites people to support the work of MN350 through truly any type of barter donation that could be listed for sale on our website. For example, if you really enjoy construction projects, you might offer to do a small home repair job in return for a cash donation to the organization. It’s really exciting when you think about it, because your contribution really could be anything, and it could even involve practicing a hobby that you just never get around to very often. Are you inspired yet? Click here if you’re ready to donate!

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Why Is the Barter-to-Cash Network Important to MN350?

Through this project, MN350 is moving away from traditional grant–based fundraising, showing that it really is possible to grow the climate movement from the ground up. It’s a way for people in the community to give to the organization without being limited to monetary donations — but also, ideally, through doing whatever work they find most enjoyable. It’s also an experiment in alternative economies. We tend to forget the wealth and opportunities right here and all around us in our skills, resources and abilities, and we see the Barter-to-Cash Network as an amazing chance for the community to uncover and share what might otherwise stay hidden.