Let’s Talk Climate: A Conversation Toolkit!

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In our current social and political environment, a lot of us experience cognitive dissonance between what we know is happening to the planet because of climate change, and what we’re doing about it. Not only that, but it can be a difficult subject to broach with the people we see everyday–even though a lot of us are feeling the same thing.

We’re thinking about it, but sometimes we feel we can’t talk about it. Well, let’s talk about it!

MN350 created Let’s Talk Climate: A Climate Conversation to encourage and support real, honest conversations about climate change, climate justice, local impacts and actions we can take in our communities to build a powerful climate movement.


Let’s Talk Climate: A Climate Conversation

hosted by MN350

Thursday, March 30th at 6:30pm

TV Lounge in the Campus Center at Macalester College

Corner of Grand Ave and Snelling Ave

1600 Grand Ave, Saint Paul


We know stories and experiences matter when talking about climate change and justice. This year, there has been more media coverage than ever on the subject – more impacts and more awareness.  Since the election, hundreds of people have been getting together to work for justice, for climate action, and for a livable future.

Through these conversations we hope we’ll help you think through the many possibilities for engaging in this movement.  Join us as we create a path to just transition of renewable solutions right here in Minnesota!

All welcome.  Light refreshments will be provided. Here’s a map of the location!  Please plan to arrive with enough time to find parking.

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Anyone can host a climate conversation.  It’s simple!  All you need is to invite your network – family, friends, colleagues, etc – and provide the space.  We will provide the program and the facilitators.  Wanna learn more about being a host?  Contact Ulla@MN350.org.


Let’s Talk Climate is the facilitated conversation we have prepared for folks to have with their family, friends, and coworkers. It’s a conversation anyone can have with the resources we’ve prepared–a toolkit that consists of a slideshow, best practices, online resources and printed materials.

Currently, this toolkit is only available to trained facilitators. Facilitators trained on Let’s Talk Climate will host a one-hour conversation that follows an interactive slideshow with information and photos that provide a baseline of knowledge on climate change, and conversation prompts to allow space for participants to share their thoughts and concerns. The slideshow outlines the problem of climate change, but focuses on climate justice: solutions to the problem as well as actions that people can take right away.

Interested in being a facilitator?  Join us at a climate conversation to shadow as a participant!  We will be hosting a facilitator Training on Monday, April 10th for those ready to take the next step to facilitating a conversation.  Contact Brian@MN350.org if interested.