The local impact of fossil fuel consumption

On June 12, a van full of MN350 members and Sierra Club staff traveled north to Bemidji to learn of the direct local impacts of the fossil fuel industry and ask experts some critical questions about the true costs of oil spills.   Several pipelines lay beneath (or rather on top of depending on where you are standing) the sandy soil of our neighbors in the north.

Marty Cobenais of IEN shows where the Enbridge oil pipeline goes under Mississippi River

Throughout the afternoon, Marty Cobenais of Indigenous Environmental Network, led us around to the multiple areas of exposed pipeline as he talked about the effects the Enbridge pipelines have had on local community members and the environment.  The group also visited the research site resulting from the 1979 crude oil spill just a few miles outside of Bemidji.  We had the opportunity to talk with scientists studying the what happens when crude oil is left in the ground.  Stay tuned for more information about the trip!

MN350 in Bemidji

MN350 connects the dots in Bemidji, MN