Post-Paris Pledge to Defend Our Communities

protectourcommThe Trump Administration has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, the binding global agreement created to address climate change. This move represents a grave risk to the health and safety of our communities and our planet.

The President has clearly sided with fossil fuel CEO’s and against the American people, 70% of whom believe climate change is happening and want to limit carbon pollution. We cannot rely on corporate elites to face this global crisis. This is up to us.

Our communities have the power to transition to clean renewable energy locally, despite this federal setback. It’s time to think big and act boldly, to do what it takes to end crude oil pipeline construction and transition to 100% renewable energy. MN350 can offer tools and support, and we can reach these goals, if we work together.

Take the Pledge to Defend Our Communities, by clicking on one or more of the actions below.

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