Flash Action

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MN350 Flash – Actions Project

The MN350 Flash Action Team is hitting the streets with a clear message that the earth is out
of balance and we have the tools to move away from heavy reliance on fossil fuels to a clean
energy future.

The idea behind the black “carbon” shroads and colorful “solution” lollipop signs is to capture the
hearts and minds of the public in hopes that it will inspire urgent action on climate change. This
street theater team creatively combines the science of climate change, the reality of the fossil
fuel industry’s influence on public policy with the hope and possibility to be found in the mosaic
of Minnesota’s climate movement.

The MN350 Flash Action Team is one way of engaging, educating and inspiring Minnesotans to
find their role in addressing the climate crisis. If you are interested in joining the team or using
the props for your own flash action, join the MN350 Flash Action Team. “Now is the time!”