MN350 Teams

Corporate Accountability Team

The Corporate Accountability team is working locally with a coalition of racial and economic justice organizations, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy (MFE), and with divestment groups nationally on a campaign targeting U.S. Bank.

We are calling on U.S. Bank to stop enabling the extreme fossil fuel industry, such as Enbridge Energy’s tar sands oil pipelines, and instead invest in a clean energy economy that is accessible to low-income communities.

Our work on the U.S. Bank campaign with Minnesotans for a Fair Economy is a great way to learn more about, and contribute to local racial and economic justice struggles, and at the same time help build the broad climate movement we need to be successful.

Team leaders: Ulla Nilsen and Kate Jacobson



Education, Communication and Outreach (ECO) Team

The MN350 Climate Education/Workshop and Community Engagement Teams have combined forces into the Education and Outreach Team.  The primary purpose of this team is to build relationships with individuals and specific groups of people in Minnesota in order to build a stronger social fabric and more effective climate movement through education, stories, one on one engagement, training and more.  This team also connects and maintains relationships internally with MN350 members throughout the state through phone calls and regular check-ins.

We do this through a variety of mediums including but not limited to event promotion, Flash Action,  involvement in community work, resource tabling, film showings, group discussions, book clubs, etc.  A sub team of the Education and Outreach Team is responsible for training both MN350 members and other Minnesotans in climate organizing tools that enable them to have a common organizing language/understanding in order to educate and inspire their communities to action.

Team Leaders:  Brian Nowak



Fundraising Team

The MN350 Fundraising Team works to raise capital resources in order to financially support a coordinator role and expenses related to the website, campaigns and capacity building. MN350 is exploring ways to fund the organization in a way that relies on our own community and hopes to model how an organization can support itself through alternative models of raising capital such as barter.

Team Leaders:  Anne Bauers and Kate Jacobson

Current Projects: Fundraising appeals, grant writing, house party and other fundraising events



Policy Action Team

The MN350 Political Advocacy Team works to engage Minnesota policy makers in issues related to climate change. They work to build a relationship of trust and accountability between MN350 and our MN representatives through the stories and expertise of Minnesotans. We focus on policy at the local, national and international level.

Team Leader:  Chuck Prentice

Current Projects:  Supporting local campaigns to Retire Sherco Coal Plants 1 and 2, pass renewable energy legislation through Clean Energy and Jobs Campaign and Transit for Livable Communities.  At the national level we are supporting EPA regulations around carbon emissions from coal plants and more.



Pipeline Resistance Team

The MN350 Pipeline Resistance Team is a group of very engaged volunteers, all whom are committed to keeping tar sands crude oil in the ground.  Click here to learn more about tar sands and MN350′s tar sands work.

The MN350 Pipeline Resistance Team has effectively supported our legal challenge to Enbridge; increased public awareness about the significant impact that extracting and burning Tar Sands will have on climate change as well as on our environment; and engaged individuals and communities to join in this collective effort to stop the extraction of this dirty fossil fuel. The Pipeline Resistance team has been heavily involved in the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and was pivotal in the shutting down of the Sandpiper pipeline as well.

This dedicated group of volunteers meets every two weeks on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm at the MN350 office to plan and take action.  Please check the calendar as meetings are occasionally changed.  There are always more opportunities than there are volunteers, so please join us in taking action against both the expansion of Tar Sands AND the extreme extraction of any fossil fuel.  Please contact team leaders or for more information about how to get involved.  Together, we can slow down and stop the extraction of Tar Sands, all while creating the livable future we desire for ourselves and generations to come.


Kathy Hollander, Volunteer Team Leader,

Andy Pearson, Midwest Tar Sands Coordinator, Staff Team Leader,


Give Your Time, Energy and Skills

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