The Divestment Movement in Minnesota


The Fossil Fuel Divestment movement was born in 2012 to help our society connect the dots between the fossil fuel industry and global climate change.  The movement aims to take away the social license that the industry currently uses to ruin the planet through their businesses practices.  Fossil fuel divestment campaigns also catalyze within our larger institutions about the responsibility of taking serious action on climate change.

Want to more background on the movement?  Click here to learn more about the history of the fossil fuel divestment movement and how it is helping to address climate change on a global scale.

Active Campaigns in Minnesota

Click below to learn more about the different campaigns in Minnesota and find out how you can plug in:


Fossil Free St. Paul

City of Minneapolis

Divest Invest Minnesota (state pension)

Faith Institutions

Individual Divestment

The MN350 Divestment Team is up and running!


Wondering how you can get more involved with divestment in Minnesota by supporting existing campaigns?  The MN350 Divestment Team meets twice a month to do just this!  These meetings are open to the public and there is no divestment experience required to be a part of the divestment team.  Click here for more details.


MN divestment wins!

On January 11th, the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area passed a resolution to ask the national denomination to divest its funds from the fossil fuel industry.  Click here to read more about this story and the instrumental role of youth in its success!

Click here to see which institutions in Minnesota have agreed to divest and find out how they did it.

Tools and resources to support your campaign

As we go deeper into this campaign, know that MN350 is here to support and leverage your campaigns.  Below is a list of resources for your campaign to take advantage of as needed.  Our goal is to make a stronger movement by connecting those working on divestment to each other so we can be as effective as possible.  To let us know of your interest and/or to give feedback, please fill out this form.

  • Facebook Page – This is a space to directly share and link your campaign with others around the state.
  • MN350 Website
  • MN Divestment Google Group – Stay in direct communication with those working on divestment in MN.
  • One on one collaboration and coaching.  Email to schedule a conversation.
  • Weekly statewide campaign leader conference calls for campaign representatives.
  • 2-5 hour campaign tool trainings at the location of your choice.  Email to schedule a workshop.
  • Share your asks and stories through media and the national movement.  MN350 is developing relationships with state and national press.  Please send us your updates!

National Movement Updates

Check out the Fossil Free blog for a plethora of stories from around the nation.