100% Clean Energy Campaign is here!

We are excited to announce the launch of the 100% Campaign for an equitable & clean energy future. MN350 is working with over 40 environmental organizations, community groups and unions across the state, to move Minnesota to become the next 100% clean energy state.

This is the moment to act. As the #GreenNewDeal poplularity skyrockets, states are moving to 100%. California and Hawaii have approved bold plans and governors in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois have promised to push hard for 100 percent clean energy legislation. 

Take the 100% Campaign Pledge. The 100% Campaign is bringing Minnesotans together who believe in a 100% clean energy future. We’re ready for decision makers to protect the well-being of everyone in our state, indigenous and immigrant; white, black and brown; now and for generations to come. All of us.

Pledge below and commit to working together for an economy that powers our lives with equitable clean energy.