1/9 Public Utilities Commission Meeting



On Tuesday, January 9th, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will meet to decide whether to overrule Judge O’Reilly and speed up the review process for the Line 3 pipeline by several months, making it impossible for the parties that oppose the pipeline to see the final environmental review before making their final arguments to the judge.

Come out and FILL THE ROOM — the public won’t be allowed to speak, but representatives from the groups intervening against the pipeline will talk, along with Enbridge. We need to be seen. These commissioners MUST know that cutting the public’s voice out of the process is unacceptable. Environmental review is supposed to inform decision-making, not come in late as an afterthought.

Join us on Tuesday, January 9 from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the State of Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, 121 7th Pl E, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101

We don’t know how long this meeting will go. It’s unlikely to be less than an hour, and may go all day. Signs are usually not permitted in the PUC hearing room, but anything wearable is allowed. Come out and bring friends. Informal debrief hosted afterwards by advocates from MN350 and the Sierra Club.