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New Bills

These bills were introduced the week of March 6th. HF 2233/SF 1907 Grants funding for and extends energy savings analysis of CIP program thru a new “energy savings platform tool”  (House sponsors: Anselmo, Garofalo; Senate sponsor: Goggin) HF 2110  (Sponsors: Lee; Dehn, R.; Loonan; Maye Quade) ) Energy sector jobs initiative funding provided, and money appropriated.  Referred to JGEA in the House HF 2170/ SF 1906 Creates a process to address certain noise complaints resulting from […]

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Bills We Support

House File 1772 / Senate File 1531: A Stronger Renewable Energy Standard by 2030 Description: The outcome of the bill would strengthen Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard, meaning 50 percent of our state’s electricity would come from clean energy by 2030. Status: The House bill was was referred to the JGEA Committee. The Senate companion bill  was referred to the Energy Committee.   House File HF1949/ No Senate File yet: Good Pipeline Legislation Description: Land owners […]

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Minnesota’s bad climate bills in 2017

Poor policy energy bills are already moving forward in the state legislature.  Here are some of the worst ones related to energy… UPDATE:  All three of these bills have passed the House and will be coming to the Senate floor for a vote in the next week or two.  Please call your Senators and Governor Dayton TODAY and ask them to oppose these bills.  Find your legislators by entering your address here. House File 113 – […]