Join the Climate Majority Project!


In order to win on climate and clean energy at the state level, Minnesota legislators need to feel the heat.  Our big goal is to have volunteers in as many voting districts as possible sending a strong message to their legislators: it’s time to get serious about clean energy.

 Why: This past session, Minnesota’s legislative majority passed bills that set us back on climate and clean energy.  New policy aims to slow the scaling up of solar and energy efficiency and lock us into more fossil fuels that we don’t need.

But we know know that 93% of us want more solar in our state, and almost just as many want more wind and energy efficiency.  We know winning on climate change in this state is politically possible. That’s why we’re launching the Climate Majority Project to get there…

How it works: In each legislative district a volunteer District Contact will coordinate with Team Members to generate a steady drumbeat of calls, emails, editorials, and in person meetings directed at your legislators.  The goal is to help develop your representatives as champions for clean energy.

Together, we’ll create a groundswell of influence, strong enough to make climate change a top priority for state lawmakers and the Governor.

Interested in getting involved?

Become a District Contact: Connect with others in your district who care about clean energy and climate, and facilitate opportunities to put collective pressure on your representatives.

Become a Team Member: Work with your District Contact through the year to move your representatives on clean energy through phone calling, emailing, in person meetings, letter writing, and more.

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