Do the Math Tour & Conference

Check out this photo of MN350 published in the New York Times!  Kate Jacobson Faye and MN350 Interns Carly Dent, Patty O’Keefe, Patricia Lamas and Claire Krebs do MN350 proud.

Bill McKibben and the Do the Math Tour were in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota on Friday November 30th.  Check out the crowds!  Bill was joined by  special guests Mason Jennings,  Marty Cobenais of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Polar explorer Will Steger, Kate Faye from MN350 and his old college friend Winona LaDuke.   Bill reminded us that the fossil fuel companies today hold 5 times the amount of fossil fuel that can be burned if we have a hope of limiting warming to 2 degrees C.  Right now we have the opportunity to do what is unquestionably the most important thing that anyone can be doing, in the most important place that anyone can be doing it:  Standing up to say no to that future.

Folks across the country are launching into divestment campaigns right away. There are dozens of campaigns underway on campuses already. Those moved by Do the Math can learn more about divestment campaigns at


On Saturday MN350 hosted “Climate Math that Works” in partnership with two powerful youth organizations, Minnesota Youth Environmental Network and Youth Environmental Activists of Minnesota.  Close to 200 people came to roll up their sleeves and get to work defining a robust agenda for the state of MN, and exploring divestment campaigns on campus. Youth gathered in the morning from 10am-12pm and in the afternoon, community members joined them for powerful movement storytelling and tool building workshops.  Sam Grant from the Movement Center for Deep Democracy gave the keynote in which he reminded us that while we work for justice we have to continue to love and build solutions.  We ended the day with stories and songs from singer, songwriter Paul Doffing.  Check out his amazing new song: This Is Our Time.