Fossil Free – The Climate Resistance in MN

We’re excited to work with you to move Minnesota – and the world – to 100% renewables and a just, sustainable economy. Here’s what you can do:

  • Climate Majority Project – No matter where you live in MN – and especially if you live outside of Mpls/St Paul – your voice matters at the legislature. Through the Climate Majority Project you can organize your district, and twice a month, MN350 will ask you to perform an action directed at your legislators regarding clean energy.
  • Climate Justice Deep Canvass – MN350 is going out into the community to build the political will of policy makers and everyday people to take action on climate change. MN350’s climate justice deep canvass program is an innovative approach to conversations at the door, drawing out Minnesotans’ deeply held beliefs, connecting on shared values and experiences, and asking them to take action.

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