MN350 Draws the Line on September 21st!

On climate change and all injustice – your help is needed to expand our conversation!

On the weekend of September 20th MN350 gathered with our neighbors to DRAW THE LINE to protect our communities, resources, our loved ones and in a broader sense, to “Make Peace With Earth.” 

In Two Harbors on Friday September 20th – 60 people gathered on the breakwater to stay no to Tar Sands in all forms.


And in Minneapolis over 75 people joined us as we drew a human line along Lowery Ave. during “Open Streets.”  We heard Malia Burkhart and raised our voices together through this inspiring poem:


Link Here to see the video: IMG_2885

We were inspired by the words of local poet Malia Burkhart from her poem, Drawing the Line:

“I draw a Black Line around the precious resources remaining to us, of clean water and land, where the tentacles of Oil, Tar, Coal and Fracking Industries are not permitted to enter.

I encircle every Nuclear Plant in Yellow and Black, as marked for permanent deconstruction, to be dismantled with great care and prayer.

I draw a Pink Line of protection around the bodies of all the women and girls threatened by violence and political legislative maneuvering.

I draw a White Line untangling the colonized mind, tracing past genocide and broken treaties, carefully winding in and out from the chains binding people into slavery.

I draw a Brown Line connecting all of us to our places of origin, our Indigenous traditions and our common humanity.

I draw a Green Line to the rights of Mother Earth, and the right of all creatures and ecosystems and people to exist without the parasitic intrusion of capitalist greed.

l draw an invisible line of intention, piercing through the hearts of all humans alive, that we rise up now and put an end to this madness.”

 For general information about the Open Streets event, check out: