How We Work

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“What can we do today, so that tomorrow we can do what we are unable to do today?”

– Paulo Freire

Our Vision

To return our climate to the safe level of 350ppm of CO2 – or lower – in a way that best promotes a just and livable future.

MN350 believes this change in our climate will be achieved through a fundamental shift in our society, such that climate justice and sustainability for all living species is the lens by which all behavioral, political, economic, and social decisions are made.

Our Mission

To inspire Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis: to create a new sense of urgency and possibility for our planet.

MN350 knits many efforts together in a powerful and unified call to action—a call that is global, scientific, and relational. We work to build a social movement by empowering individuals, groups and communities to act collectively in addressing the climate crisis.

As we consider both the sense of urgency and the possibility for our planet, MN350 believes that the transition to a low-carbon future is most likely to occur in conjunction with the following:

  • parallel development of new models to replace our dependence on fossil fuels
  • deep personal and communal changes that shift the collective consciousness of our society

MN350 participates in and supports a broad range of activities that focus on both these new models and the collective consciousness.

Our Approach

MN350 believes that the advancement of its vision and mission is most likely to be achieved by engaging activated Minnesotans in the climate change movement.

MN350’s primary strategy is to spread local organizing by engaging in accessible issue campaigns at a grassroots level while building and supporting groups of volunteers who share our collective values and vision.

We work to carry out our strategy by “living our model” as a primarily volunteer-driven organization. We do this by charting an inspiring course through innovative, replicable, and relational campaigns, and by consciously creating opportunities for individuals to form groups of their own and for diverse groups to engage in meaningful ways to grow the movement.

We are fighting for what we love.

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Main office of MN350 & MN350 Action: 2104 Stevens Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

Bemidji MN350 Office: 303 Railroad St SW, Bemidji, MN 56601. 218-368-5483