Jim Tjepkema

“My Line 3 Testimony was given verbally to a person who took it down at a table outside the room where the hearing was held.  I made three points. 1) The extraction of the oil that would be transported by Line 3 from the oil field in Canada is causing great damage to the area where it is being extracted and to the people living there.  The extraction of that oil should be stopped which would eliminate  the need for Line 3.  2) The potential for causing damage to the environment by constructing a pipeline as long as Line 3 is great.  It would cut through many sensitive areas along it’s path.  3) We should be moving away from using oil and not building a pipeline to facilitate the continued extraction of oil.  We need to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of oil because we have too much carbon dioxide created burning oil in the atmosphere which is causing destructive global warming.”

Jim Tjepkema