MN350 is Mobilizing Minnesotans!

Mobilizing efforts that bring massive numbers of people together play a critical role in building movement momentum and inspiring a broader public dialogue about climate change, climate impacts, and climate policy. Organizing and supporting these efforts is one role that MN350 plays in the climate movement in Minnesota.

Since 2013, we have organized six trips, including the famous Earth Train to Forward on Climate in 2013, to join others in the United States in calling each other and our political leaders to action.

2013 Forward on Climate
2013 Nebraska Keystone XL Hearing
2014 Reject & Protect
2014 Keystone XL Student Dissent
2014 People’s Climate March, New York City
2015 Madison Summit
2015 June 6 Tar Sands Resistance March, St. Paul, MN
2015 Midwest Unrest, Washington DC

Peoples Climate March 2014

Hundreds of Minnesotans joined over 400,000 people at the biggest climate change rally in world history! On September 21, we gathered in New York City with people from all walks of life to organize, build power, confront the fossil fuel industry, and shift to a just, safe, peaceful world. Heads of state from around the world were in NYC at the same time for a historic United Nations summit on climate change, and we showed up to demand action, not just words.

People’s Climate March Send-off Rally in Minneapolis, MN!

Check out the myriad of pictures, videos, and statements from those who traveled to NYC for the Peoples Climate March in September, 2014.

Impact statement

In our lives of busy routines, we had the privilege of going on a bus trip to join hundreds of thousands of people from all walksIMG_1139 and ages of life, for a moment of concentrated effort to send all policy makers a clear message. Being in New York City on September 21, 2014 for the People’s Climate March felt to me like going on a pilgrimage to Mecca, where a sea of people walking with one thought, one agenda, one mission, one voice, one energy, which produced a powerful force, felt by each of us during the moment of silence. I hope to be a part of a team that can work together to make significant changes in communities, by changing policies to mitigate climate change.

— Najwa Bukhari, mother and resident of St. Louis Park

Impact statement

My name is Sam Neubauer, and I am a student climate justice organizer from Carleton College. I know that my generation has to stand up to fight for a just future, but it’s really hard for me to stay hopeful; the fight for justice is really hard, but I found a reason to keep fighting on the streets on New York City. Experiencing a powerful movement in person with all of my friends from Minnesota helped me to find the strength to keep fighting and helped to bring a powerful energy to this school year and power up my campus. That energy has translated directly into organizing around fossil fuel divestment and I have seen our campaign grow, with tons of first years realizing that they too can take part in this movement.

— Sam Neubauer
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Note from MN350 Program Director

In 2013, 40,000 people gathered in Washington DC for Forward on Climate, at that time the largest climate rally in human history. A year later, 400,000 marched together in NYC at the People’s Climate March.

Ten times as many people in one year!

I traveled to NYC with my 5-year-old daughter and 500 other Minnesotans. As we stood together, the chanting and chatter of hundreds of thousands of people subsided into a moment of silence. In that moment all that is at stake, all that we stand to gain and lose, struck the collective heart of the massive crowd. After minutes we heard a faint sound, like that of a distant train. Before we could wrap our minds around the source of the sound, the rolling roar of human cheering crashed over us like a wave breaking the shore.

It brought instant tears of hope and possibility. If you were there, perhaps you had a similar experience?

— Kate Jacobson

Organizing and mobilizing Minnesotans to these large-scale actions take time and resources from our volunteers and staff. If you are interested in financially supporting the work we do, please donate today! 

Checks can be made to MN350 and mailed to our office at 2104 Stevens Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55404.  Thank you!