Lego Robotics Team to support Haiyan victims and MN350 (haiyan)

We are “The Last Resort”, a Lego Robotics team from Seward Montessori School in south Minneapolis. The theme for this year’s robotics competition is natural disasters: “Nature’s Fury”. We are looking at the relationship between typhoons and global warming. We have studied typhoons in general and Typhoon Haiyan in particular. We learned that more CO2 in the air raises the earth’s temperature, which makes storms stronger. We would like to support the people of the Philippines by collecting donations based on a voluntary carbon tax. We are suggesting a donation of 1 penny per mile driven over the past month. (An average donation might be $10). Half of all donations would go to the Philippines for helping people recover from the effects of Hurricane Haiyan. The rest would go to to prevent future global warming. Please click the link to donate if you are able. When you make a donation, please make a note to MN350 stating “Legos Rule!” so they know the donation is for this cause.


IMG_3610Thank you for your consideration!

Noah, Oliver, Andrew, Derrick, Eamon, Jay, and Lucas

PS.  We bring another update!  Our team was selected as one of 2 teams in our Division to go on to the State Tournament on February 8th.  Below you can see our presentation that we did in December.  We worked hard to make it even better for the division tournament on January 11th.