Minnesotans Move their Money from U.S. Bank

On February 16, over 100 religious leaders and community members gathered in front of U.S. Bank headquarters in downtown Minneapolis to call on U.S. Bank to stop toxic practices harming our communities and world.  US Bank fund solutions not pollution

U.S. Bank continues hazardous business practices that threaten our water, climate and indigenous communities by funding dangerous tar sands oil pipelines and fossil fuel extraction.

Over the last several months, MN350 and partners had asked U.S. Bank to meet with us regarding their financing of tar sands pipelines, mountaintop removal, and fracking despite their climate change policy by Valentine’s Day.  They failed to prioritize the needs of the community within a reasonable timeline so now it is time to Move Your Money from U.S. Bank to show we are serious about protecting our climate, water, and communities.

It’s time for U.S. Bank to put its business practices where its mouth is and invest the well-being and health of our communities. Click here to learn more.

Join us in calling on U.S. Bank to do better.

Move Your Money Today!


Not only do they enable climate disruption and environmental injustice, they trap low-income communities of color in a cycle of debt by financing predatory payday lending and engage in unsound foreclosure practices that disproportionately affect families of color, disrupting children’s education and broadening an already significant racial achievement gap.

These toxic practices do not work for us.  They do not work for our local communities, state and world.  We believe U.S. Bank can do better.

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