MN350 Joins Groundbreaking Clean Energy and Jobs Campaign

MN350 and the Advance Next Generation Energy Campaign is proud to be joining over 50 other organizations to create the Minnesota Clean Energy and Jobs Campaign. The campaign answers Governor Dayton’s call to establish Minnesota’s sustainable energy future this legislative session and beyond – and promotes economic, energy and climate solutions supported by the majority of Minnesota voters. We are mobilizing the energy of labor, youth, faith groups, environment and conservation interests and clean energy businesses to advance groundbreaking state legislation that creates jobs for Minnesotans and generates clean, local, renewable energy while protecting our health and the air we breathe.

Together with our members and supporters, the Minnesota Clean Energy and Jobs campaign will galvanize support for the following policies:

  • Strengthen our state’s commitment to clean, renewable energy by increasing the state’s Renewable Energy Standard to 40 percent by 2030.
  • Create jobs, increase the state’s energy independence and improve our economy by establishing a solar energy standard of 10 percent by 2030.
  • Save money and energy by increasing efficiency.
  • Make it easier to generate local power by cutting the red tape and taking government out of the equation.

On Earth Day, April 24, over 200 people lobbied their law makers, and 700 rallied in the rotunda. It was a energizing day.  Many thanks to Abbie Plouff, from MN350, who was the co-organizer of the day of action.

For more specifics on the bills we support visit the campaign website at