New Divestment Briefing Book!

Divestment is one of the most effective and innovative campaigns driving the transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy future.  What do you know about fossil-free divestment?  Now you can know more with the Divestment Briefing Book!

Divestment Briefing Book PicThe Divestment Briefing Book is a project of the MN350 Divestment Team that aims to make divestment’s learning curve a little less steep.  It includes key talking points on climate change and divestment, an in-depth description of divestment’s moral and financial justifications, a history of the movement, some Minnesota success stories, and a list of resources.

Also, almost $4 billion of our $84 billion state pension funds are invested in fossil fuels.  Divest Invest Minnesota, a group of state pension holders, aims to divest our state pension fund to protect the pensions of hard working Minnesotans from the declining profitability of the fossil fuel industry.

Sign the petition to divest Minnesota from fossil fuels!

In the next couple weeks, a bill will be introduced that calls on the State Board of Investment to do the following three things:

  1. Conduct a report on how much money they have invested in the Top 200 fossil fuel companies and how that impacts returns on investment.
  2. Become signatories to initiatives that require consistent evaluation and disclosure of our investment’s carbon footprint.  Initiatives include: the PRI Initiative, the Asset Owner Disclosure Project or the Montreal Climate Pledge.
  3. Provide a fossil free deferred compensation option for public employees who can choose what fund they want their money invested in.
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