Ask Obama to take action on the Dakota Access Pipeline

The issue: The US Army Corps of Engineers is using a fast track permitting process, called Nationwide Permit 12, intended for small projects like water buoys and boat ramps with minimal impact, on this pipeline. The Corps is inappropriately segmenting the pipeline into each water and wetland crossing (there are over 200) and then simply approving each individually, ignoring federal environmental law requiring thorough review of cumulative impacts. They’re also issuing these permits without the proper consultation of tribes.

Will you call the White House today (or any day this week) and tell them the following?

Call202-456-1111 between 8 AM and 4 PM
Say: “I want the Obama Administration to direct the Army Corps of Engineers to deny any permits not yet granted and revoke the Nationwide Permit 12s for the recently approved Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline. Instead, we, the people, demand a full Environmental Impact Statement. The Dakota Access pipeline was hastily approved without adequate environmental reviews and tribal consultation, and it puts the communities and water along the line and the climate at risk.
Thank you.