Our Leadership Teams

Coordinating Council (Board of Directors)

Carolyn Ham (Board Chair), Kurt Kimber (Treasurer), Robert Pilot, Anne Bauers, Akilah Sanders-Reed, Brian Nowak, Mahyar Sorour

Campaign Strategy Group

Ulla Nilsen, Kathy Hollander, Chuck Prentice, Lois Norrgard, Brian Nowak, Kurt Kimber, Patty O’Keefe, Andy Pearson, Kate Jacobson

Akilah Sanders-Reed

Akilah Sanders-Reed started organizing around climate justice five years ago for 350.org’s first International Day of Action in 2009. She joined MN350.org after moving from Albuquerque, NM to Minnesota to attend Macalester College in 2012. Her involvement has spanned the tar sands team, an internship, and acting as a liaison between Macalester College and MN350. She now sits on the Coordinating Council. When she’s not working on climate justice organizing, Akilah can be found rowing with the Mac Crew team, backstage in the theater department, or hiking in the great outdoors.


Anne Bauers

Anne Bauers serves on the MN350 fundraising team and is also a member of the Coordinating Council. She is grateful to be able to combine her experience as a grantwriter and fundraiser with her passion for creating a more just and livable future for us all. Anne is the mother of three future activists, who remind her every day why action on climate matters so very much.

Brian Nowak

Brian Nowak- Practices Architecture in Excelsior, MN and has been involved with community building since he moved to Minnesota in 1975. He started working on projects for 350.ORG in 2010; he was designing a net-zero home and sustainable community concept when he realized that individual green projects, while important, can’t make a big enough impact on climate change by themselves. He needed to tie his work to a larger movement and joined MN350 in the fall of 2011 to work on the campaign to stop the Keystone pipeline. As Tar Sands Action Coordinator for MN350, he has organized members to understand the massive negative effect of Tar Sands Oil on climate change and the relationship of the fossil fuel industries in trying prevent climate change reform through huge political contributions and climate denial advertising.Through education, organizing and action we can move forward to balance the place of mankind on earth.

Kathy Hollander

Kathy Hollander

Tar Sands Team Lead & Legislative Liaison

Kathy Hollander volunteers with MN350 to
promote action on climate change now. She focuses on crude oil flowing into and through Minnesota via pipelines and rail and also spends time at the Legislature. Retired, her background is in computer operating systems, as an analyst and a manager and has a BA in Math and German. She has worked with MoveOn.org, Occupy Minneapolis, and League of Women Voters, in addition to being active with the Peace and Justice committee of her church. In her free time, she loves playing cards, and the smell of the North Woods (and especially the haunting cries of the loons).

Kurt Kimber

Kurt is a serial activist, having been involved in and advocated for south Minneapolis neighborhood associations, Hiawatha Light Rail, Wireless Minneapolis and the Digital Inclusion Fund. The looming impacts of climate change and peak oil on civilization motivate Kurt’s MN350 work, along with a desire for social justice.


Mahyar Sorour

Mahyar Sorour is a member of the MN350 Coordinating Committee. She is an Iranian-American who grew up in Arden Hills, 20 minutes outside of the cities in the northern suburbs of Saint Paul. Mahyar attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where she studied Biology, Society and the Environment, and minored in Public Health. The intersection of health and environmental justice was introduced to her when she worked on engaging communities on the HERC garbage incinerator – a fossil fuel facility that continues to have a disastrous impact on the air quality in that community; a community almost exclusively of low-income people and people of color. She comes to this works as a grassroots organizer who hopes to achieve environmental justice in a way that is inclusive and offers transparency to the communities that bear the greatest impact of environmental racism.


Lois Norrgard

Lois moved from a career in computer graphics to working for our Earth fourteen years ago. Watching the ever increasing destruction to our natural world and the wildlife that we share this planet with moved her to action to change careers and led her to become active with MN350 as an Outreach Volunteer. Her professional position is Upper Midwest Region Field Staff for Alaska Wilderness League – advocating for the protection of our amazing public lands in Alaska. “I was brought up to care for and appreciate the outdoors. The biggest threat we face is the changes happening due to a warming world. It is time we face facts and realize that we cannot continue to extract every last resource from this earth, but need to work within the balance of nature and live sustainably. We can no longer give a pass to industry and allow a world where to have livelihoods and jobs we must accept the destruction of our air, water and health. It is time to say Enough.” “I’ve been fortunate because in my environment work I’ve had the opportunity to work with, strengthen, and advocate for the grassroots voice. I feel strongly that the best way of creating change is through the voice of “we the people” working within our communities, caring about our air, water, and wild lands.”

In her spare time Lois is becoming an avid gardener and is learning the Permaculture method of gardening and life.

Robert Pilot

Robert Pilot

Mr. Pilot is a proud enrolled member of Ho-Chunk Nation. Robert has an all Native American homeroom. He teaches Video Production and Co-Teaches Harding’s Award winning Drumline. Robert is Producer and Host of Native Roots Radio “I’m Awake” on AM950, Saturdays from 2-3pm.

Mr. Pilot graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Career Tech Ed. He began teaching at Harding High School in 1996. Mr. Pilot is married with two beautiful adult twin daughters. His passions include being a musician, protecting water and burial sites in Minnesota and across the country. Robert was a water protector at Standing Rock 3 times. The first time he camped at Standing Rock was with MN350’s sponsored student trip.



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