People’s Climate March 2017

Join the People’s Climate Movement this April 29th in Washington, D.C. to stand up for our communities and climate! FINAL PCM2-4-Web There is no denying it: Donald Trump’s election is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities, and the health of our families. This moment calls for large scale resistance and resilience.

Throughout the first 100 days of the Trump administration the People’s Climate Movement is organizing a country-wide arc of action, culminating on April 29th in Washington, DC in a powerful mobilization to unite all of our movements.

Minnesotans are bringing our movement for climate justice to the streets of DC. MN350 other partners will be coordinating buses for members of our communities to head out to Washington, DC from Minnesota for the People’s Climate March.





We Resist. We Build. We Rise.

We want everyone to be a part of this historical day that will show the massive movement we have been building.  There are many ways to be involved.  Contribute your passions, resource, and energy into this day of action and the ongoing efforts happening everyday in our communities!




We Work Together.


The People’s Climate March is about coming together for jobs, justice and the climate.  Many organizations and communities are supporting the march and the ongoing work for safe, healthy, livable communities.  Interested in cosponsoring the People’s Climate March 2017?  Contact with questions and to sign up.

PCM 2017 Partners: Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, Climate Generation, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, TakeAction MN, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, MN350, SEIU Healthcare

We March in Solidarity.

We know not everyone can make this trip.  There are sister actions being organized in Minneapolis, Duluth, and Bemidji.  Find out more info below.


Q&As for the People’s Climate March Trip:

How do I meet up with Minnesotans if I am traveling to DC on own? For folks who are traveling to the People’s Climate March in DC but who are NOT taking our buses, please fill out this form if you want to be connected to the other Minnesotans while in DC.  You will receive information from our team about the march and our Minnesota meet-up.

NOTE: We will NOT be providing housing to folks not riding with us on our buses, but you can find info on housing possibilities in DC here:

Where do I sleep? All buses that include DC overnights also include a basic space to sleep in DC, typically in a church. This is arranged with an eye towards keeping overall ticket prices as low as possible, so it may be simply a floor space in a sanctuary or side room. Bring your own bedding or sleeping bag and mat. Based on previous feedback, we should note here that the trip organizers cannot guarantee a perfectly quiet night, or a perfectly dark sleeping room, or a plentiful supply of bathrooms, although we will of course do our best in every case. Our housing tends to work well for 95% of travelers. If you have needs for more comfortable accommodations than what is described here, we ask that you book your own hotel room and arrange your own local transportation (such as a taxi) from our group housing to your hotel. Any buses that include camping overnight on the way to DC (such as Route 3) assume that you will bring your own camping gear, such as a tent, for your use. If you are traveling to DC by your own means (car, bus, train, plane), you will be responsible for your own housing.

What about food? We make an effort to source food donations for each bus. ( If you can help donate food, fill out our volunteering form and indicate that you can help with this.) This generally means that we have enough snacks on the bus for the ride to DC and often for the ride back also, although special or restrictive diets may not be accommodated. We do not provide food while in DC. You are welcome to bring your own snacks or meals for any part of the trip (and extra to share if you like!) and/or money to purchase food from highway rest stops or while in DC. The bus will stop approximately every four hours for very short food/bathroom breaks.

Are there bathrooms on the bus? There is a bathroom on each bus. The bus will stop approximately every four hours as well for short bathroom breaks. What about outlets / wifi on the bus or in the DC lodging? There may be a limited amount of power outlets and a wifi network onboard the bus, but these amenities vary by bus and we do not guarantee their availability. Please bring your own portable power pack and cell phone or hotspot if this is important to you. We similarly cannot guarantee these amenities in our DC lodging, although there are plenty of coffeeshops / etc in DC where you can find wifi and outlets.

Is the bus comfortable?  The buses we charter are fairly standard motorcoaches with a capacity of 50 passengers. These are not school buses. There is space for luggage underneath and small luggage racks onboard above the seats. The seats recline slightly and have reading lights. Many passengers choose to bring a blanket or sleeping bag onboard the bus with them, since we do travel overnight and it can be easier to get a good night’s sleep with a blanket.

Who is organizing this trip? These buses are organized by MN350, Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, and TakeAction MN, and are open to all who would like to attend the People’s Climate March. Contact with questions.

What’s your refund policy? We recognize that things come up and plans change. We are willing to provide a full refund for tickets if a request is made via email to before 11pm CT on Saturday, April 22. After that point, no refunds will be given.

Should I book today or wait until closer to the trip date? Book as soon as possible, today if you can. Once these buses fill up, we close off ticket purchases and even though we’d love to have you travel with us, we have to say no if we don’t have the room. For the last People’s Climate March, we ended up turning away about 50 people who waited until the final few days to try to book. It’s often impossible to add extra buses at the last minute (we tried!) even if we have enough people to fill one. If you want to come to DC from Minnesota for the People’s Climate March, please book as soon as you can to guarantee a seat!

READY TO MAKE THE TRIP?  Get your ticket here!

GET INVOLVED in planning or supporting the trip, fill out this survey.

BUY A T-SHIRT! We have Minnesotans for Climate Justice shirts available for purchase to make a visual impact at the march!

LOCAL SISTER ACTIONS! Can’t make the trip?  Join with others at a local march in MN.