Road through Paris

Our climate is in uncharted territory. 2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. The previous hottest year? Last year.

Yet momentum is growing to tackle this crisis. Political and religious leaders are beginning to get the message that people like you have been voicing for years.  Now with the victory of President Obama’s Keystone XL rejection, momentum is building faster than ever.

We’re carrying this momentum to the big U.N. climate summit that’s happening in Paris this December and beyond. Events are happening around the world in November and December and spring of 2016, and in order to make them beautiful and powerful we need you to join in.

Our demands for Paris:

Keep 80% of fossil fuels in the ground and invest in a just transition to 100% renewable energy. That’s what we’re calling for world leaders to do and that’s our theme for the day of action.

Turn off fossil fuels, and turn on a just transition to 100% renewables.

Turn off dirty, dangerous fossil fuels. Turn on distributed renewable energy that builds community power. Turn off the local coal plant or fracking well or oil pipeline. Turn on rooftop solar or offshore wind or policies that democratise renewable energy for all. Turn off the corrupting influence of massive corporations in our political system, and turn on people power.

Road through Paris Timeline:

November 28/29 — Global Climate March (see below for report on our local action)

December 12 — Climate Redline Direct Actions – Local action is Saturday, Dec 12 @9am – RSVP here.

May 2016 — Mass mobilization to 10 biggest fossil fuel extraction sites in the world.

Building Momentum — Building a Movement:

Minnesotans in action on Dec 12 — Climate Red Line March

150+ Minnesotans turned out early this Saturday morning in solidarity with actions all over the world to show the growing movement to address the current climate and economic crisis. In Paris, over 15,000 people marched and locally, 1,700 were set to meet at the Minneapolis Convention Center in a People’s Congress working for economic justice, the end point of the local march.  Faith, climate change, economic justice, transit and peace groups all showed up in solidarity, only hours after the final agreement was released in Paris to draw a red line around what they won’t sacrifice or compromise in the face of climate disruption.

Gwin Pratt, former Senior Pastor, St Luke Presbyterian Church, spoke of his red line, a connection to the natural world.  He cited his experience with an eye to eye eagle moment on the North Shore. It was as if the eagle was challenging him “in the name of consumer capitalism…and would risk all of this?”

World leaders in Paris agreed to holding the world’s temperature rise to 2° C but will “pursue efforts” to aim for 1.5° C. “But we know that whatever the final language of this agreement – it is a floor, not a ceiling”, said Rev. Susan Mullin, ​Director of Faith Formation, Faith United Methodist Church. We need “1.5 to stay alive”, she said.

The group marched to Xcel Energy to speak of the importance of community solar gardens and then on to US Bank, a major backer of crude oil pipeline company Enbridge. Marcus Mills, of Community Power, cited the community solar garden being planned for Shiloh Temple and the partners of the Just Community Solar Coalition,“where every community can take part regardless of color, creed, or their traditional socio-economic position.”Dec 12 March

 Andy Pearson, of MN350 said “We know it is up to us to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Locally, we say it’s time for U.S. Bank to stop financing Enbridge, a company that is building and upgrading crude oil pipelines like the Alberta Clipper. This encourages the extraction of tar sands oil- the most carbon intensive source of transportation fuel.” Pratt also noted Chesapeake Oil company has “just written off 45% of their oil inventory, leaving it in the ground”. “We are winning!” he said.

The marchers understood it will take a massive people’s movement to save the world from climate chaos and share its resources equitably. “1.5 to stay alive” the people chanted, as they marched with red lines and banners through downtown Minneapolis. Another similar action also took place in Bemidji, MN today.

Check out the media coverage of the day:

Minnesotans in action on Nov 28 — MN2Paris: March for Climate Justice

On the eve of climate talks in Paris, Minnesotans marched for climate justice in solidarity with people all over the world in a global call for climate action. People marched together to connect our local stories and efforts with those in Paris. We gathered in downtown Minneapolis near Loring Park to share food, march, sing, and raise awareness of the climate crisis and the solutions that are springing to life in our midst as the Paris Climate negotiations begin. We wrote our hopes, demands and what we love most on ribbons which will be hand delivered to a massive Climate Ribbon display in Paris this next week.

Minnesotans are calling for 80% of fossil fuels to be left in the ground and for a just transition to 100% renewable energy for all people in order to stay below a global temperature rise increasingly devastating lives and places around the world.

While the Global Climate March event in Paris was cancelled due to security concerns in the wake of the attacks, 2,200 local solidarity actions with over 700,000 people, including MN 2 Paris, took place globally.

“Over the holiday weekend we are came together with family, friends and neighbors to join others across the world in a powerful and unified call to action,” said Kate Jacobson, Program Director for the climate change nonprofit MN350. “bold action on climate is necessary now. As we have seen the face of violence, hatred and fear in the Paris attacks and in our community with police violence and white supremacist attacks, the devastating impacts of climate disruption will only heighten our conflicts.  We are coming together to bring light in this time of darkness with possibility, hope and courage for a new way of living with each other and the Earth.”

MN2Paris Pic in church