Sea Change: Addressing Climate Change on Lake Superior

Learn how one family from Two Harbors is engaging as leaders in the climate movement in Minnesota! Amicus MN350

Sea Change is an ambitious three year sailing and community-growing project with the purpose of enhancing climate change awareness and education, and building alliances in communities along the shores of Lake Superior.

The climate is changing, and scientific evidence is overwhelming that greenhouse gases (CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels in particular) are the pri
nciple cause.  Lake Superior is not immune to the effects of climate change.  The Lake temperature has risen six degrees Fahrenheit in the past thirty years and continues to rise at a faster rate than other large lakes around the world. Warmer temperatures open the door to invasive species. Water levels continue to decline causing problems for both commercial shipping and recreational boaters. Weather patterns are changing too; as sailors who have traveled Lake Superior over two decades, we can speak anecdotally on the increasing unpredictability of the wind in each season and the fact that every year our season is extended due to warm springs and warm falls.  These are just a few of the many signs of climate change on Lake Superior.  These changes are having a deep and lasting impact on Lake Superior communities.

For more information on the trip and how you can support it, visit Amicus on Lake Superior
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