SF85 Phone Script

Sample phone script:

Hi, my name is ______.  I live in ______.  I am calling to ask you to oppose SF85, the bill to build a big natural gas plant in Becker, Minnesota.  I’m opposed to this bill because (pick from any of these options that speak to you – or give some of your own!):


  • It will lock our state into more fossil fuels.
  • The cost of the plant will be paid for by Xcel ratepayers ($6 Billion over the lifetime of the plant, to be exact).
  • It sets a dangerous precedent that large monopoly utilities can collude with lawmakers to ignore regulatory bodies that safeguard consumers and the environment.
  • It’s important for municipalities and communities to be sustained through our energy transition, but supplanting one power plant with another to preserve a municipal tax base is not good precedent to set, and is not how we’re going to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals as a state.
  • Our public utilities commission commissioners are the experts on our energy system, not legislators.  Legislators should not be making decisions about how our energy system will look 10 years from now, especially given the fact that clean energy is a partisan issue.