“She held onto my arm”

David Lieberman

David Lieberman

Most people don’t talk much about climate and many don’t think about it. One of the joys of deep canvassing is seeing people who don’t think much about climate wake up to the seriousness of the problem through the simple act of having a conversation about it.

This was true of a conversation I had with a woman one warm sunny day in July in a small town south of the cities. When I first asked her how concerned she was about climate change, she responded neutral (5 on a scale of 0-10) and didn’t have anything to say about specific climate effects.

Bringing up effects did get her thinking though. The simple recognition of having to keep the family’s sweaters out year round now because unpredictable temperatures in the summer started her thinking about how things are no longer as they should be.

As she brought this reflection back to concern for her children, she really started to connect with the gravity of the situation. I was able to give her some positive support for her new-found worry by talking about the strong current trends toward renewables, the growing movement of climate activists, and actions she could take to be part of the effort to do something.

As we finished up, she held onto my arm, asking me how she could learn more about climate. She was so energized through connecting in our conversation to something real and important that she didn’t want to let me go. After leaving, I thought ‘Yes! That’s what this is about!’

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