Uphold Paris – Stop Line 3!

we'restillinTo meet our goals under the Paris Climate Accords, we must prevent the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline from being built. Join communities across the country in speaking out against Trump and Enbridge Energy’s dirty and dangerous carbon-combusting agenda.

The Enbridge company wants to build a tar sands oil pipeline through the Mississippi headwaters in northern MN, threatening water, climate and indigenous treaty rights. Stand up to Enbridge by attending the public meetng in response to the draft of the Environmental Impact Statement of Line 3.

Please consider testifying! Download MN350′s talking points about the environmental review document.

Live in Northern MN? Find your nearest public meeting here.

Enbridge’s proposal is to build a brand new pipeline called Line 3 while abandoning an existing pipeline in place hundreds of miles away — essentially letting the old line rot in the ground, regardless of whether landowners would like it there.

The proposed new three-foot-diameter steel pipeline would cross some of the best wild rice lakes in the world to carry Canadian oil to out-of-state markets. The dirty tar sands oil Enbridge plans to ship has a global warming impact far greater than standard crude.

The State of Minnesota recently finished drafting an environmental study about the impacts of the proposed pipeline (an EIS).  This draft EIS is a good step, but it’s inconsistent in how well it assesses the pipeline’s impacts. Some parts are well done and many parts need improvement. MN350 has released a set of talking points analyzing the document — useful if you’re preparing a public comment. The current document doesn’t recommend for or against the project. For more information, see StopLine3.org.

Even though it’s a work in progress, the EIS already shows that Enbridge’s pipeline would bring an extraordinary climate change cost to society, disturb the most wild rice lakes and areas of biodiversity out of all the options studied, and “add to the negative mental, spiritual, and physical health impacts already disproportionately suffered by American Indian populations.” Governor Dayton has recently committed Minnesota to stepping up to take international climate action after Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement. This pipeline’s approval is entirely up to the Dayton administration. If our governor is at all serious about his words, this pipeline must not be built.

These upcoming meetings are important to show up at. Please consider testifying — it does make a difference! We’ll also have stickers available if you don’t want to speak but want to make an impact with your presence. We’re encouraging all pipeline fighters to wear blue for water.