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Sarah Harper

Sarah Harper
Before getting involved in this work, climate change seemed incredibly obscure in how it was covered on mainstream media. It was a concept that brought me overwhelming fear and confusion, and I was made to feel powerless. I couldn’t fully wrap my head around these broad realities until I found the best remedy and outlet: joining the beautiful and caring climate community at MN350. Here, I have found not only wonderful people, but exciting and fulfilling work that actually changes things! It has given me a voice I never knew I had and has taught me how effective organizing is formulated to achieve major victories.

Douglas Owens-Pike

I’ve spent my career designing and installing native landscapes.  That created new habitat for endangered pollinators.  However, the greatest problem facing humanity is climate disruption.  The origin of our name, 350.org, is what scientists felt to be a safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  We have already exceeded that, and we are seeing the consequences in violent, extreme weather.  I’m committed to turning this into an opportunity for positive change by working toward efficiency, plus more sustainable and renewable energy production.

Meredith Latimer

I have found many things in nature. Peace, serenity, calm, the answers to my prayers. I’ve also found death and sorrow, loss and grief. Mother nature is the ultimate teacher, muse, life giver and taker. The secrets of life lay within our own backyards. Without her we cannot survive, we must protect her and nurture her.









Our power lies in the number of individuals who commit to working together to defend our climate, water and communities.
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